Sunny Simple Sunday 10/12/14

The simple life on a restful Sunday.

—Is it me or did this weekend just fly by?  There is nothing sunny going on outside, we have had rain since Friday and I believe it is continuing through this week.  I had planned to take B on a nature walk with her collection box and lantern that she made with her Kiwi Crate Nature Explorer Box but it is a bit too muddy out there.  (If you are interested in Kiwi you can get $10.00 off your first kit by clicking my link).  I think that is why I was so excited to see spoilers for some of the kids crates yesterday, we are getting to the point where we will be inside a lot more.  When A and B are restless pulling out these kits really helps.

—Despite the rain, I am not giving up  hope to get out, maybe the day will get a little nicer as it progresses. If we do I will post some pics later.  I have not purchased rain boots for B yet and it may be time.

—This week is going to be a lot calmer and I couldn’t be happier.  It is Fall Break at my school so we only have a three day work week and then four days off.  On Thursday I will finally be getting out my first Formal Book Review and there are several September boxes that came in late that I need to get on the site for organizational purposes.  One of my goals is to try the box items before the posts so I can tell you not only what the items are but whether we enjoyed the products and if the value is there.

—I am also in the process of working with Influenster, which is a product review site open to the public (you can click on the logo to the right to enter the site).

Influenster has an interesting premise, they use social media to review products so business are hooking up with them and then choosing people to review their products and post.  One of my blogger friends recently received the new Keurig brewing system to review and I am getting ready to receive a new hair care box to try out for a month and then write a review on a few different sites. If you are interested in trying out new products head on over and check the site out.  I have written great reviews and not so great reviews and they seem to appreciate my honesty.  I appreciate that and will continue to work with the site.

I hope you all have a maybe not so sunny but a simply abundant Sunday.



2 thoughts on “Sunny Simple Sunday 10/12/14

  1. Sorry your weather is not co-operating?! We have sun in Florida always! Even in rain its over the sun is out again (Rain Showers) other than The typical Tropical Storm in the Atlantic we may get consecutive days of rain otherwise It’s Sunny! Cheryl

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