BareBox October 2014 Review


Cost:  $16.00 plus shipping ($19.94 for my box)/monthly
Shipping: US, Canada and now accepting International orders.
Coupon Alert:  You can join NOW for 50% off your subscription.  Use Code:  Bare50 at checkout

Note:  If you are finding this review using YAHOO servers, I noticed the explanation of my review is not presented correctly.  As far as I know Barebox has never had a pause on their subscription.  You can also look at my November Review by clicking HERE.

 —–BareBox is a new monthly subscription box that sends you custom made organic/natural products each month. The concept of BareBox makes sense for busy or working parents, and even though it is a new subscription I felt it aligned well with my priorities.  Most families wish to live as healthy as possible, and chemical free, organic skincare aligns well with that lifestyle.  When it works well it just makes sense. With that in mind I used their coupon and purchased this box for review.  I have to admit, there is something a little luxurious, not to mention delicious (i love coffee) as you try each product.

The “Bare” packaging 🙂

—–There is not anything too fancy about this box but I think that is the point and it helps keep costs down.

Hello gorgeous, Welcome to BareBox!

—–It has been a very long week and I had to smile when I opened the box and saw this message.   The letter goes on to tell you how to use your products and how often.  It also includes an ingredients list at the very end.  The list is not item specific so you do not know what ingredients go in to which products.

Each box comes with a full months worth of organic, healthy skincare products.

—–This month’s ingredient list included:  Coffee, Hibiscus, Rose-hips, Lemongrass, Orange peel, Chicory root, Blackberry, Black currant, Coconut oil, Acai, Licorice powder, Soy, Witch hazel, Brown sugar, Almond oil, Castor oil, Unrefined African Shea, Lemon juice, Vanilla oil, Vitamin E and Love.

Item One:  Organic Coffee Scrub


—–I adore anything tea and coffee and I cannot wait to try this scrub.  There is a pretty fun message on the bag:

I’ll strive to get rid of your cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins and acne!  Not only will I do all of that for you, but I’ll also smooth your skin and give you a more even skin tone as well as nourish and moisturize your skin!

—-I am not sure I believe that their message is even possible but I sure will give it a try.

Items Two and Three:  Facial Cleanser and Toner

BareBox Facial Cleaner and Toner

——I would say there is enough toner for a single month (It lasted over two in the end), but I am not sure there is enough facial cleanser (there was).  I did test both products out and they feel gentle and smell amazing.  The cleanser goes on thick but it does come off well and then the toner seems to smooth things out.  My skin feels wonderful.  I would warn if you have sensitive patches (I do around my nose), the toner will sting slightly.

Item Four:  Skin Clearing Tea

12 Tea Bags

——I am a tea drinker and I will most likely love this smells delicious!  The skin clearing tea is to be taken 3 times a week.  Simply place tea bag in a cup of hot water, let steep for 2-3 minutes.  Remove the tea bag and enjoy!!!

Update 4/21/15In the end Barebox began to include very clear ingredients on future boxes.  They did eventually get back to me and honestly they were great.  I do plan on re subbing in the future.  My only concern was that the items in my boxes did appear to get smaller.  That may be due to different items and formulas but I am not sure.

——Considering all items are organic and chemical free I believe the value of BareBox is a steal.  For me these items feel like a luxury and I am looking forward to giving each of these a try.  If I do see results this subscription will probably be in my top few, and for a new subscription that is saying a lot.

Coupon Alert:  You can join NOW for 50% off your subscription.  Use Code:  Bare50 at checkout


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6 thoughts on “BareBox October 2014 Review

  1. I am not impressed with BareBox. I tried to skip a month which is an option on their website but I was charged and shipped the next month’s box after all. I sent an email to cancel my subscription and got a response that it was canceled but surprise surprise! I just received an email that my subscription was renewed and I have a charge pending. february’s box had less in it than any other box. One face wash, one moisturizer and a bag of coffee. No tea this month. It is definitely not worth the money each month and the frustration to cancel. Buyer Beware!

    1. I actually no longer subscribe. I did love their formulas but the products kept getting smaller and smaller each month. I received my last box in January and did not review because I was not really sure what to say other than I am disappointed. I do feel they have a great product and as a newer company I hope they can get it together. I still have not figured out what I am allergic to from the October box.

  2. I tried them for three months and was not impressed. I felt like the cleanser never really got my face clean and the coffee scrub seemed like the samething I put in my coffee maker.

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