Making Monday Marvelous 10/6

Today is yet another Marvelous Monday because….

  • It is date night tonight with my husband (his birthday concert I wrote about earlier).  I am a little worried that I will not like it but I am going to try very hard.  He has been warned I will not accompany him in to a Mosh Pit.
  • I think I actually have a field trip for 55 students tomorrow under control….I think…..
  • My very late Puerto Rico Escape Box arrived a little beat up today but it is wonderful! Reviewing shortly.


  • I think (have to stay positive) I have a fundraiser for Wednesday under control.
  • I have several boxes to review with you all this week and they have been fun.
  • My kids ran to the door when I arrived home today and crawled all over me. They make me feel like the best thing in the world.  I wish that never went away.
  • I have been enjoying the coffee from Bean Box all weekend and think it is a great new subscription. Reviewing shortly.


  • My husband is making Trim Healthy Mama pizza crust and pizza tonight. Yum!
  • A is turning two this Friday!!!!

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