Hatch Jewelry Subscription Review October

Hatch Jewelry

$19.00/monthly with $10.00 credit with purchase

—Hatch Jewelry is a monthly rental service where you can try on jewelry pieces of your choice and purchase your favorite items with a $10.00 credit each month.  Keep your items a week, or months, it is up to you.  With a purchase, your subscription comes to only $9/monthly.  Hatch is the first subscription I have seen where you can custom pick two of your three choices.  In my eyes, that is quite a deal because you know you are going to receive two items you love. I think what is most impressive about this company is their mission and focus on independent jewelry designers who may go noticed:

“Our mission is to provide an alternative to today’s fast-fashion. We should not be compelled to accept throwaway goods as a way of life; we can instead take pride in the style and integrity of each and every piece we own. We want to support design with meaning, jewelry that has a story and a person with a passion behind it. Each piece is made with care and we stand behind the quality and support the designers who helped hand create each piece.”

—Each piece of jewelry comes in its own box and has its own bag inside. You will receive an envelope in the mail and a note from your stylist…I love subscriptions that take the time to personalize.

Hatch Jewelry Ambassador Subscription Review & Free Month Offer! Items

Piece Number One:  The Brave Collection

—The Brave Collection‘s bracelets are handmade by Cambodian artisans under fair trade principles. Each bracelet dons the word klahan which means brave in Khmer, the language of Cambodia. 10% of The Brave Collections’ profits are donated to fight human trafficking through the Somaly Mam Foundation.
There are several versions of this bracelet. This photo is directly from Hatch Jewelry and shows the shimmering detail.

—The bracelet is gorgeous and I cannot wait to wear it to work.  I did find it to be a bit snug and I don’t believe this would fit anyone who has thicker wrists.  It is casual enough for every day but stunning enough for more formal wear. Who wouldn’t want to feel brave?

Piece Number Two:  Amethyst Crystal Pendant        I was excited to see the length on this delicate 22 inch gold filled chain.  The Amethyst is beautiful and I am looking forward to wearing the necklace.  I know this may sound strange to some, but I love stones acting as an anchor for a lifestyle belief.  Touch the stone to remind you to remain true to some aspect of your life.  For me often it is finding courage, strength or peace. The Amethyst Crystal Pendant has a retail value of $350.00 but members can purchase the piece for $280, or you can wear it until your ready to send it back.

Piece Number Three: Annabelle Bracelet —I plan to wear this bracelet tomorrow.  The designer uses only her fingers as tools and non-traditional materials, she crochets industrial rope into monumental forms that evoke the seemingly contradictory traditions of minimalist sculpture and women’s handicraft. It really is a lovely piece and it retails for $99.00 but members can pick it up for $79.00.  I am impressed that Hatch Jewelry supports upcoming designers, many that support wonderful causes.

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