October Fancy Coco Rocha Box Review: What to Fancy on this Saturday?

Fancy Store and Subscription Box

Fancy Box

$39.00/monthly plus shipping

Shipping:  Worldwide via Fed Ex

Coupon:  N/A

     Disclosure:  This post contains referral and/or affiliate links.

–     I have often seen the Fancy symbol but somehow escaped its elusive pull…until a few nights ago.  I broke down and visited the site for the first time.  There are two reasons this site is addictive. First, they have the most incredible store. Second, their subscriptions are unique and curated by individuals that definitely know what their doing.

–     I have never seen this many unique items (even a real glow in the dark toilet).  Here is just a sample of the products in their store. They have items that are a few dollars up to items in the 100K range.  If I won the lottery…..

The young Beetle Juice fan in me is in love…I still secretly sing Shake Shake Shake Senora at times 😉
For the inner artist screaming to come out : create your own wallpaper.
Skeleton Ice Cube Molds.

–      As if the store isn’t enough, then, there are the magnificent subscription boxes…. and there are many. For the first time I finally caved and purchased a Fancy Box.  I had a gift card so it was an easy choice however choosing which box  proved very difficult.  Here were my top four left standing as I tried to narrow it down….

Culinary Fancy Box: Get a collection of the best home goods hand-picked by our Fancy curators each month. Each box includes $80.00+ of products.
Coco Rocha Fancy Box: Stylish finds chosen by a Supermodel.
Verbal is just too quirky and cool. He states: Curating FUN things from all over the world on Fancy. Get my box and get AMBUSHed!!! Each box includes $80.00+ of products. I love his pictures on the site…..there is a part of me that wants his life 🙂
Fancy Culinary Box! Add some Fancy to your kitchen. Subscribe and receive a curated collection of the best gourmet artisan foods around. Every month! Each Fancy Food Box includes five or more food products – anything from cookies and chocolates to teas and sauces – along with a selection of tasty recipes and pairing suggestions.

–     After careful deliberation I went with the Coco Rocha Box.  Verbal was definitely hard to pass up though, and you will be seeing a review next month!  When you look up her box, Coco has the following message attached: 

Hey, it’s Coco. When I discover a new product or brand that I absolutely love I always like spreading the word. So when Fancy asked me to put together a box every month containing my latest finds, it was a perfect fit. It’s so much fun putting these boxes together, and I think its just as fun for subscribers, who each month receive a box filled with my latest faves-things like jewelry, nail polish, tech products and other cool things. The point is you never know exactly whats coming till you get it, but one thing’s for sure: each Fancy Box will have more than $80 worth of stuff inside-not bad considering you pay just $39!

–      When Coco was newer on the runway and she did her Irish dance she left quite an impression.  I figured she was stylish and knew fashion.  She just seemed like the natural choice for this month.

coco image
October 2014 Box
Inside packaging.

–     It is so nice to receive a box in the beginning of a month.  I received several “September” boxes this week but this box is punctual and I love it!  The packaging is lovely and definitely keeps items from shifting.

Happy Mug
Happy Days Mug $11

–      The information card does not state the theme of this box but I think this mug sums it up perfectly, Happy Days!  For me this box is about unwinding, letting your thoughts develop, being stylish and having fun.

fancy notes
Ice Cream Swirl Notebook $12 and Brain Eraser $10.

–     Coco explains, the inspired design of the Ice Cream Swirl Notebook is designed to get all ideas down on paper. The cover is very lovely and it feels as smooth as butter. According to Coco, The Brain Eraser that looks just like a human brain will help you to cut down on careless mistake.  (Kind of like my typos on this blog 🙂

fancy earrings
Druzy Pebble Studs (gold filled). $30

–      Love these earrings.  My picture does not give them an ounce of justice.  They sparkle, shimmer and are a gorgeous color.

fancy tape
Decorative Tape. $7

–      Damask decorative tape supposedly proves that even the simplest of items can have style.  I see this tape all over the internet and now I finally have some.  I actually think this would be pretty on gift boxes.

fancy port
Cloud USB Hub $12

–     Don’t laugh, I have no idea what I would use this for nor do I understand how 4 ports can run at once.  I will definitely have to check this out.  It is cute…..

Fancy Stickers $3.00 (guess)

–      I am still a little girl at heart and one of the first things I did was put these stickers on the back of my notebook.

This box was a bit of a surprise for me.  When I purchased this subscription I thought I was receiving last month’s travel box. I had a ten dollar gift card so this box was relatively inexpensive.   Despite the difference, I am really happy with the value ($85) and items.  The box definitely was much needed on a Friday as I unwind and I think Coco’s box this month is a huge success.  Click on the link below for my personal invitation and a direct link to Fancy.


Get Fancy!


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