Friday Reflect 10/3

At the end of the work week I like to reflect on what was accomplished, exciting, negative and just memorable.  This week was eventful because:

  • I am sitting amidst 20 boxes of fundraiser candy bars  and the smell is wonderful!  We kick off a fundraiser at an Art Crawl tonight.  The girls are going to dress as old fashioned “modest cigarette girls” and sell chocolate with their silver trays and Aprons.  My Jesse Steele Apron from my FabFitFun Fall box is going to good use today.

Jessie Steele Apron Ava Rosy Pink Polka Dot JS110JS94RP

  • I have been working with the recipes from Trim Healthy Mama and I think my sugar intake is at an all time low and I am starting to have more energy.  I am really liking this plan and had no idea how often I was getting “to go” food.   I plan on putting out the review with pictures next week Thursday.

  • I made a difficult decision this week to go ahead and start speech therapy with B.  She has improved leaps and bounds but I am not an expert so I figure better safe than sorry.
  • B was running around the house pretending to be a monster and then running away from daddy as he came after her.  It was beyond adorable and my heart just swelled.
  • Kev is graduating this year and the idea of losing a second child to college in one year is a bit difficult.  Ky stopped by for a visit this week and college suits him really well.  I know Kev will be fine but it is hard to let go.  I am looking in to college subscriptions right now and Pijon is having a sale.  I may need to pick one up.
  • On a personal note, I had a big loss this week and I will have another shortly.  Grief is an interesting bird but at the same time if a person has lived a long life and it has been incredible maybe letting go in some sense is a celebration.

Yours on this TGIF,



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