What I bought Wednesday

Level Natural Shower bomb $7.99 plus shipping

—Sister to the bath bomb, these shower bombs are small but mighty.  Drop in the bottom of the shower near your feet under direct water away from the drain. Let the stress go while the Organic menthol and eucalyptus catch a ride with the steam creating a unique at home spa experience. Breathe deep and relax while the aroma clears your mind. As an added bonus this item uses Tea Tree essential oil to help those tired feet take a load off and detox. There are 4 shower bombs in each box.  I love menthol and eucalyptus in winter months, especially when I am feeling under the water.  I have a feeling I am going to be picking up many many more.

Sofia the First :entire first and second seasons now on Amazon

—My four year old is a big Sofia fan, by big I mean HUGE.  To be honest I have caught myself watching this long after she has fallen asleep or stopped.  It is a cute story about an ordinary girl that suddenly becomes royal.  I came home today and turned on Amazon prime and my daughter was so happy.  We purchased the whole first season but the second is out as well.  The first season is 24 episodes for $19.99.  We already purchased the movie which explains the back story; the first season does not come with the back story but only the made for TV episodes.  The movie will need to be purchased separately but we actually started out watching this before we purchased the film and it is pretty easy to follow.

My little princess.

More to come 🙂



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