Friday Reflections

At the end of the work week I like to reflect on what was accomplished, exciting, negative and just memorable.  This week was eventful because:

  • Parent teacher conferences as of this writing are officially over and I am feeling a bit emotionally exhausted.  I have found this is always the case as many families share with me their hopes and dreams but also their struggles.  My students in many ways feel like my kids so it is often hard for me to disconnect when I hear of any sadness in their household.
  • This week signaled two birthdays accomplished.  My husband’s birthday and B’s.  Right after I write this I am planning on picking up my newly four year old and taking her to her first ever non make believe tea party.  How cool is that? Pictures to come.

  • Getting ready to put together our recipes this weekend for my first in depth book review (Trim Healthy Mama).  I am excited but also nervous that my kids will not eat healthy foods.  I hope that I will be successful because I really want to improve all of our eating habits.  We are going to eat the plan for a week and report back with our impressions.
  • This quote has me reflecting on all of my relationships and the potential of interpersonal communication as a whole. How often do we reflect on how we present ourselves to others and how others make us feel?  Do we stand up for ourselves or make excuses for others while creating an internal dialogue that is self-sabotaging?  Are we someone that other trust and know that we will act as a support?

Photo: A meditation on relationships from Robert Holden.

  • On a much lighter note, I have come to realize that subscription boxes are some of the biggest teases I have ever met 🙂 Some weeks I receive so many and others….nothing.

How was your week?



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