What About Daddy? Birthday Part 3

I am linking up today with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom to give you my thoughts this wonderful Thursday.  Specifically, I have shared with you all of my birthday plans for the three family members having birthdays this week and next.  Birthdays are so important in a household with seven kids because it is a day to celebrate the individual and make them feel uniquely special.  So far I have shared Baileigh’s 4th Tea Party, A’s 2nd Car Themed party but the irony is that the very first birthday of the three was actually my husbands and as usual we put the kids first.

I asked my husband what he would like for his birthday and he looked me in the eye and said I am fine with nothing.  As parents I think most of us put our kids needs first and he knows this is a tight time for our family in terms of money.  I pressed further and said if you could have anything within reason what would you ask for?  His response was two-fold.

The first of three subscription services my husband chose for his birthday.

First he said he wanted to go to a concert.  There is a band that he loved so much in high school that he has a tattoo of it’s logo on his shoulder.  It is not a band I would ever listen to, but the man goes to the Opera with me without complaint.  Needless to say my mother and I bought the tickets.  Next he said he was feeling a little left out in terms of my subscription reviews.  He said my site so far was too geared toward women and children.  In reality he was correct.  He asked about “men” subscriptions.  I proceeded to take him to Jen’s site and go through all the subscriptions I could find for men.  At the end of our search we purchased three new services with coupons and I couldn’t be happier.  He chose Five Four (clothing), Mantry (kitchen) and Jacked Pack (nutrition/workout supplements).  I cannot wait to review these boxes with him and I love how excited he is about getting his very own.

My husband really is my world.  He is thoughtful, kind, loving and always there.  He deserves to be celebrated and I hope between the concert, dinner and his new subscriptions that he receives the TLC that is often solely reserved for our kids.

Jacked Pack

Feeling so grateful on this Thoughtful Thursday.



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