Free Subscription Box Coupon: Love with Food September 2014 Review

Love with Food

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September 2014 Review -Spice Up your Life

Box Cost:  10/monthly + 2/shipping

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     I have worked as a teacher pretty much my whole life; although I took some detours along the way Law School, etc. From my early years,  I was always the kid that was helping teachers grade papers.  I dreamed of having a large family and making an impact, especially with kids. When I was young I thought I could do anything.  Once I left my childhood behind and became a professional, I began to examine education from a mature perspective,and realized that many children are facing silent difficulties. There was no way I could save the world but I certainly could try to throw a starfish or two back in to the ocean. 

     Many students are slipping through the cracks of a flawed education system and are in need of some serious TLC, that parents and families for various reasons are not always in a position to supply.  Every day I try to provide my students not only with a quality education but help with other neglected areas as well.  Maybe a student needs some form of attention or self confidence building, but the majority, the needed TLC is not a want but rather a need, and it comes in the form of lack of access to good nutrition.

      Over the years I cannot count the amount of times I myself or others have given students food to help them get through the day or was there as a shoulder as they told me about their homes being foreclosed or their electric or water being shut off. Every year I fight with the pride of parents and students to encourage them to sign up for the free or reduced breakfast and lunch programs that schools have to offer.  If you think that these are lazy families that demand government handouts, I can assure you that is not the case at the schools where I have worked.  I think it is in the spirit of experience and empathy that I write the following review for Love with Food. 

     For every box that is purchased (including subscriptions), Love with food donates a meal to a population that is needy.  They are transparent as to who benefits from their donations.  This month especially struck a chord with me as the emphasis in the pamphlet was on the number of children that go hungry in America versus the amount of food that is thrown out each year.  I am not here to verify their statistical information, but as someone that teaches civic virtue and cultural competency to her students, I expect communities to care for one another. I know from real practical experience that many families are facing food shortage in this country and it needs to be addressed.  If you do not have time to help, at least consider volunteering your time or donating to different programs that actually can show results.  I believe this subscription company is an amazing way to try some new healthy snacks, help small business and reach vulnerable populations in need of nutrition services.    



     I received my box today 9/17.  The bright red box is a clear sign that your Love with Food Box has arrived.  The contents were nicely wrapped and in great shape.  Included in this box were things that would “Spice up your Life”.

Way Better Snacks by Simply Sprouted: Simply So Sweet Chili Corn Tortilla Chips.

   I was concerned as to the heat that each product offered since my 3 year old saw the popcorn and immediately began to ask when she could eat it. I saw the tortilla chips and found my snack instantly.  The popcorn had a cinnamon taste and was perfect for my three year old.  The chips were indeed sweet and spicy and I was happy to eat them all myself.

-Green Superfood by Amazing Grass -Hemp Rules Roasted Hemp Seeds by Ziggy Marley Organics -5 Spice Caramels by Shotwell Candy Co. -Maruso Ghost Soy Sauce by Maruso

      I tried these caramel and they are heavenly.  I do have sensitive teeth and they did bother me a bit but it was worth it.  They tasted like a cross between a salted caramel latte and a gingerbread latte…amazing.  There is not an item that my family would not use or try and I am really excited to try the Green Superfood in an almond smoothie.

Mandy’s Rich Chocolate Cookie Thins (sample size).
Fogg City Spice Co. Lemon Rosemary Seasoning

     I have yet to try the lemon rosemary seasoning but there is a wonderful potato side recipe on the back that I am sure will be a part of our dinner shortly.  The cookie thins were gone in a matter of seconds by teenagers and toddlers alike.  I did have a quick taste and it reminded me of a small bite of a thin sugared Oreo, no complaints here.

     As always the subscription box came with several coupons for the featured items that you could use to stock up on the items you really loved.

    I would never know that most of these brands existed if it was not for the selection in the Love with Food box.  If the mission behind this box to feed those in need is not enough to spend $12.00 a month on the subscription, then maybe the excitement in receiving a box of healthy snacks and new products may sway you to become a member.  I plan on keeping this subscription; it is fun and I deeply respect what the company is trying to accomplish.



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