Citrus Lane September 2014

Citrus Lane September 2014 Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

     Lately I find myself spending a lot of time with my three year old B.  In part, because she demands the attention but also, because I am preparing her for Pre-K.  I purchase several subscriptions for B each month and a few months ago as A started to inch towards his second birthday I realized he needed some special attention as well.  His sister can not be the only one receiving fun mail.  With that in mind, I took advantage of a Citrus Lane coupon similar to the one I linked below and gave CL a try.

     In their own words, Citrus Lane subscription boxes are age appropriate toys, books, goodies designed to entertain, educate and delight your child.  It is not easy to find mail for a one year old boy but when I came across this subscription I felt like this could actually work.  I briefly reviewed his first Citrus Lane box (July) in an earlier post.  For economic reasons, I love that CL allows you to pause your subscription on months that you either do not like the spoiler or maybe have extra expenses.  I plan to wait for a coupon and purchase a full year subscription after his birthday and……after I receive a few Blumm boxes.  I will be comparing the two similar subscriptions in the upcoming weeks. If you are interested in Citrus Lane after the review click on the links below to receive over $50.00 of goodies for only $7.00.  This really is such a steal.

Citrus Lane Flash Sale
Right now you can try Citrus Lane for $7.00 (normally 29/monthly). Included in the subscription are age appropriate toys, books, goodies designed to entertain, educate and delight your child. Click the link below and use code: FLASH & at checkout.

Citrus Lane September 2014 Twenty-three month old male.

  My Citrus Lane box arrived today 9/16 which is generally when I would receive the monthly box.  The packaging is durable and it is nice to come home and see the box with its logo.

     This review is for a 23 month old boy.  Inside the package is an insert that gives an overview of the box and its contents.  The only thing missing is the $25.00 off coupon when you purchase $50.00 worth of merchandise from Tea Collection.

Ouchies Jr. Adhesive Bandages (Full Size).

      When I first opened the box I expected to see the bright yellow tissue paper but found that these band-aids had shifted during shipping and ended up on top of the box.  They were not damaged and a pleasant surprise.  I know with all of the kids these will go to good use.

Bumkins Large Snack Bag

     Bumkins Snack Bag was the spoiler for this months box.  Customers were able to choose which bag they would like in their box.  We are planning a trip to Disney this July and I thought this would be a cute way to store snacks on our trip.  I think this bag is more for me and not necessarily an exciting kid item.  That being said I really like it.

Baumhaus Graphic Tee. This picture comes directly from the Tea Collection Website and has a retail value of $24.50. The shirts value including shipping is worth more than the cost of this months subscription full price!

      I was happily surprised to see a long sleeved tee shirt in this months box.  I have never seen anyone receive clothing items from CL other than in their infant boxes.  I absolutely love the quality, color, feel and design of this shirt.  The subscription guessed correctly by sending a size 2.  It is a little big but we have the whole winter and a washer to make it work. It is not too heavy which is great because we live in the South.  I will post a picture when A wears it for the first time.  I stopped by the Tea Collection website before writing this post and absolutely love many of the items in their children’s clothing, especially for B.  CL included a $25.00 off coupon on a purchase of over $50.00 and I am very tempted to go purchase the little ones an outfit or two.

Boon Links Foam Bath Puzzle (11 appliques).

     I had to laugh as these bath appliques were the first item A grabbed for and then proceeded to rip open the box all by himself.  I have foam puzzle pieces all over my living room as I am writing this review. In a sense that is the only wee, and I mean miniscule complaint I have about this box.  I purchased this for my son, to bring excitement to his night and although he does love the foam puzzle pieces; nothing else was really exciting for an almost 2 year old.  I think I loved the box more than he did, and because of this I really feel I have nothing to complain about in general. There is not an item I will not use in this box and the items far surpass the initial $29.00 subscription purchase price. Just the tee alone justifies the purchase of the subscription, that is, if you need tees 🙂



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