Friday Reflection

At the end of the work week I like to reflect on what was accomplished, exciting, negative and just memorable.  This week was very productive because:

  • I took J and Kev for their well visits and they received shots.  J had a high fever last night and I am wondering if it was a reaction to the flu shot.  He seems to be doing better today.
  • I survived Baileigh wanting my attention every morning before work and until she passes out at night. It makes my evenings a little difficult because I have more kids then just her and, yet I wonder if it is weird that I feel slightly flattered that she desires my attention so much.  We do have fun in a three year old sort of way and when she sees me and yells Mama like I am the best thing in the world, it just melts my heart.
  • The temperature dropped over 20 degrees and the weather is finally cool enough to go outside and not feel like you are sweating to death.  I could not be happier that fall is here.  I grew up in the snow belt so this southern weather kills me at times.
  • I spent a lot of time reflecting on my work environment and reached some strong conclusions.  I work in a sort of micro community.  You see the same people every day and their strengths and weakness are very open.  I have worked with the same crew now for over five years and as weird as this sounds I think I like them more and more each day. 
  • I have chosen my Speech and Debate team for the year.  Tryouts were today after school.
  • I received an amazing care package from my mother full of gorgeous clothes for me and the babies.  I will never be too old to love mail from my mom.
  • I can successfully argue that my students who love Anime are actually very intelligent to do so. A lot of people think it is a waste of time and I will admit for awhile I was on the fence, but after watching some films and looking at the beautiful artwork they create or fashions they design, I truly believe this is an amazing, self-empowerment tool for teens.  If you have doubts, I am happy to debate you 😉
  • I really have not had any time to read, watch TV or do anything relaxing this week.  Blogging is taking all the free time I have and I may have to figure out how to balance a little better.  In a way I find blogging really relaxing.
  • I made my phone calls and handled everything on my to do list.
  • I forgot to put that date night that I have been talking about for weeks with my husband on my to do list and yet I am okay with that.  Things are great with my marriage.  We try to make everything fun and it seems to be working, date nights are not always needed.
  • My mother in law finally made a face book.  I know her kids have been bothering her about it for three years!

      I hope you have had a great work week and will have a wonderful weekend.



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