BIJOUX BOX Review September 2014

     Your Bijoux Box is a monthly jewelry subscription box service.  For $35 a month you will receive two to three pieces of fashionable jewelry that is worth a minimum of $70. This was a subscription that I just wanted to try for a few months but I cannot get myself to cancel; I love the jewelry that much. Each month they hook me with their spoiler.  I am very picky about what I wear and I have what I consider to be a thicker, not slender neck.  Despite this, all of the necklaces I have received come with an extender and look fantastic.  I have received so many compliments from co-workers.  This months box included:

Gets me every time. This months sneak peak. I actually think the necklace looks better in person and looks really beautiful on; it’s perfect for fall.

Photo: Color for fall. How will you wear your Fiona Fall Collar?

     This above picture is a little bit closer to the true color.  I was not sure how this would look on, I thought it would be too much.  It actually looks amazing.

     I am in the process of purchasing a new camera (my camera went dead and will not power up).  I apologize for the fuzzy image below from my cell phone.  They do not do these pieces justice.   My other two pieces included a pair of earrings and a very stunning elastic stretch  bracelet.

     The necklace was the featured piece but the earrings and the bracelet were just as gorgeous and I was not disappointed.  My only concern this month is the center diamond in one of the earrings was a bit off center.  I could still wear them; you really could not see much of a difference unless you looked close.  My husband actually noticed before I did.

All in all I was thrilled again with my Bijoux Box.  If you are interested you can join and receive an extra piece of jewelry in your first box at:

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday.



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