Why Not Wednesday

Why Not?

  • Stop procrastinating!  You have two phone calls that need to be made, go make them.
  • Try yet again to get Baileigh to go to gymnastics class after work.  It has been a fight for the last few weeks.  She doesn’t want to go to dance either.
  • Start working out again soon….you are starting to feel better right?
  • Call Kaitlyn (22) and ask if she will take pictures with her Ipsy bag of the month for you to post.
  • Set up a date night very soon for you and your husband.  It has been way too long. The Opera or Pinot’s Pallette sounds amazing.
  • Schedule a hair appointment…you have some gray beginning to show.
  • Be grateful that you are going to Paris and China! Stop being afraid of international travel.  You have wanted to go overseas your whole life.  Sitting and thinking about planes crashing is not beneficial.
  • Buy those Memeboxes that you want so much…um maybe because you have no money right now 🙂
  • Do a random act of kindness.
  • Smile at your students a lot today.  You do not know all of their struggles.
  • Make more coffee, you love it so. 

Yours, -J




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