Things to Know Tuesday

Things To Know Tuesday

1.  Someone at Honda must take road trips with their family because they totally had me in mind when they decided to include vacuums in their SUV.

2.  Just when you think Morgan Freeman can’t get any cooler he lands a malfunctioning plane.

3.  There is a new virus (Enterovirus D68) in the Midwest that is putting many children in the hospital, while Liberia is in bad shape with Ebola.–what-to-know/15307923/

4.  Most of us don’t care about Gwyneth Paltrow’s marriage and how she and Chris are co parenting. It does not need to be headline news every day especially now that Jennifer Lawrence is involved.  If you want to feature something about Gwyneth take a look at her Goop website; it is pretty much out of my price range but wonderful none the less. 

5.  Kate Middleton is pregnant with another royal.  She suffers from severe morning sickness and I can’t help but have sympathy pains.  Been there done that several times.

Hopefully I will be back later with some product/subscription reviews. 

Yours on this Tuesday.



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