Motivational Monday

     Mondays get a bad rap; most people do not really want to let go of the weekend and go back to work.  In some ways, I like Mondays because I know I have to get focused on the week before me. I am a big list person and enjoy tackling things off my to do lists, but there are a few things I seem to be ignoring.  So with that in mind I am going to be a half glass full kind of person and title this Making Monday Marvelous while trying to get those items accomplished.  Here are a few items that may help you make your Mondays Marvelous:

  • In the spirit of to do lists, I have found the holy grail of planners at  Not sure I could talk myself in to the $75.00 price tag but I have to say that foil planner is awesome. Not only do they have personalized lifestyle planners but they have teacher planners as well. It is like scrap booking for the incredibly organized and they even have interchangeable covers.


teacher's lesson planner -paisley quote

accessories -designer sticker sheets -summer series

You can watch a video explanation of Erin’s planners on youtube.

  • I am attempting as I type this to talk myself in to purchasing the new Meme Rose Edition box that just came. Love all things rose and they keep selling out of all the boxes I want before I have a chance to purchase.  Memebox offers Korean make up and skin care products at a steep discount.  The Coffee Box just sold out and it kind of broke my heart, kind of.


  •   The new PopSugar spoilers are out.  I think I may be subscribing soon based on the last few boxes. I am not a scarf person so I am going to sit September out. 

POPSUGAR Must Have September 2014 Spoilers!

  • Gwynnie Bee impressed me with a very quick turnover. I sent back an outfit on Saturday but on Friday let them know I was returning the outfit and I received a replacement dress today. They have not even received the outfit I sent back. That was impressive but unfortunately the dress I received today was faded and smelled off, so back it goes.Despite this issue I still feel that this is a very valuable subscription.

      Although I am still under the weather I am definitely seeing improvement. Antibiotics can be tough the first 24-48 hours but I am starting to feel a little relief.    Work is keeping me very busy and I really have no time to be sick. Despite my ailments, I am feeling accomplished.  I am in the process of planning fundraisers for the clubs and trips I am sponsoring-my China crew, the Speech and Debate team and my Anime Club. Today after multiple phone calls I finally was able to get a date for our Pizza/Trivia night fundraiser.  I also ordered some much needed materials for my debate team.


I am expecting Hampton Lane, Glossy Box, Ipsy and Bijoux Box this week.  Maybe Citrus Lane?  What did you accomplish today?



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