For the Fashion Challenged-Rocksbox and Gwynnie Bee Review

          Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

     Rocksbox ($19.00) monthly for three pieces of jewelry at a time chosen by your stylist.  You can return the jewelry any time during the month to receive a different box and can wear without purchase.  If you would like to try Rocksbox for free for a month click the following link.

I have a confession, I am probably one of the most fashion challenged individuals you will ever meet. If I could live in a pair of leggings and my Express sweatshirt from the 90’s I would and be thrilled. Alas, this is the real world and I cannot go to work every day in the same outfit, especially one that I wear while I crawl into bed every night.

When I was younger and a size 6 I loved fashion. Each time I had a child I gained weight and my clothes never fit the same again. I think somewhere on the weight loss/weight gain roller coaster I just gave up and stopped caring. It took some very special people in my life to show me that size doesn’t really matter, it is how you feel about yourself; and how you feel about yourself can make or break a day for you. With that mindset, and knowing that I have had my last child, I have decided to really work on putting myself together…and I think I found a fantastic trick for busy women.

Thanks to another blogger, I tried out two subscriptions for free this month-Rocksbox and Gwynnie Bee (Size 10 and up). For smaller sizes I would recommend Golden Tote.  The concept behind both subscriptions is you get to try their items and then return for a new set or, for the items you cannot bear to part ways with, you can purchase at a discount.  So far I think both of these subscriptions are invaluable for someone like me.  I don’t really have the time to devote to shopping and this really is cost effective, especially if your sizes fluctuate.

For $19.00 a month Rocksbox offers three pieces of jewelry at any time in your closet. I received my first month’s pieces today with a personalized note from my stylist.  I answered a few questions so they knew what I was looking for.  My pieces are as follows:

Isharya Emerald
Isharya Emerald Cascade Enamel  Earrings
Gorjana Greer Necklace
Urban Gem Diana Bracelet.  My photo does not do this item justice.
Urban Gem Diana Bracelet. My photo does not do this item justice.

I am very happy with the earrings and the bracelet.  The necklace was chosen because in my style survey I clicked that I liked it.  I appreciate my stylist taking the time to include items I said I liked in my shipment.  For me the necklace is okay but the earrings were an item I would be interested in purchasing.  I cannot wait to wear them to work on Monday.

If you would like to try Rocksbox for free for a month click the following link.

Because I am fashion challenged and since I cannot wear jewelry only to work, I also signed up for a free month of clothing at Gwynnie Bee.  This subscription allows you to choose how many pieces a month you want in your closet.  You can purchase or replace the items at any time.  One of the best features of this service is that they launder everything for you!  You can launder yourself if you keep your items for awhile, but I am happy to know I can just send it back and ask for the item again later on.  I am reviewing the three piece closet which would cost you $79.00 a month but you can go from one piece up and prices vary.

When you first sign up they recommend going through their items and putting a minimum of 15 choices in your account (if you choose the three item closet).  I put in 23 to start.  I received the following items:

Spruce and Sage Butterfly Tie Dress
Spruce and Sage Fancy Dot Printed Bow Tie Top
Spruce and Sage Dot Drawstring Dress

The Fancy Dot Top and the Butterfly Tie Dress were big hits.  My husband likes the top but is not so sure about the butterflies.  I am sending back the dot dress because it does not flatter my body type.  79.00 a month is a bit of a stretch for me but when I consider that I am still losing weight from my last pregnancy and that I can rent without purchase I am very tempted to keep working with this subscription.  What do you think?


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