Thursday thoughts-Sick Days

It inevitably happens every year.  The beginning of the school year and the kids bring home a virus.  No matter how much Emergen C I drink or Airborne chewables I eat; I always become ill.  I am really curious to know what other parents do?  We have allergies and my sinuses always seem to be a concern.

I am watching my northern friends just starting school today.  I have been back since August 11 and this is usually what occurs after the first month. There is no time to be ill when you are a mom, let alone a working mother.  My husband who almost never goes down actually became sick before me this time.  With both of us down and out, my house, my kids, everything is a mess right now and I have absolutely no energy to do anything about it.

I have decided to not have a  nervous breakdown (it’s hard for us slightly neurotic, ocd, perfectionists) and just be gentle to myself and my family.  There are toys all over the floor…so what!  I can always pick them up later.

No need to wonder why i have not time to be ill.  I turn my back for two seconds and something messy happens.
No need to wonder why I have no time to be ill. I turn my back for two seconds and something messy happens.

On a nicer note, Baileigh is talking so much better since working with ABC Mouse and her Ivy kits.  My subscriptions have been invaluable.  I also love Kiwi Crate and Kidstir (B is a baker in training). This month Angel is set to get the Citrus Lane box for a 23 month old, Baileigh will get the new Ivy Kit-Caps for Sale, my daughter Kaitlyn (22) is getting Ipsy, I am trying out four new services for free or at a steep discount-Gwynnie Bee clothing, Rocksbox, Fabfitfun and Hampton Lane.  I am also getting the usual Escape monthly, Bijoux Box and Glossy Box.  Not to mention my Love with Food box is finally coming and it was free!  I love subscription coupons.

I am planning on purchasing a second Kindle Fire for Angel for his birthday.  Baileigh received hers early.  They both have access to ABC mouse and often fight over the tablet. I have had a bit of difficulty with the tablet, but I have to admit part of it is my own lack of patience and understanding.  Amazon has been wonderful with their costumer service and the purple bumper case I bought Baileigh has been amazing. My only warning to anyone purchasing this item is to really work with the parental controls.  Baileigh purchased several videos and apps despite several attempts to get the controls correct.  It took multiple chats and phone calls before I was finally able to secure her tablet.  Luckily Amazon was very patient, refunded all the money and even issued me a five dollar credit for the trouble.

The Fire Engine Case I plan to get for my little guy.

Today we are reading in class and it should be an easier day.  Tomorrow the high school is having a huge adventure. We are partnering with the United Way and going around the city doing volunteer work.  I love community activism and think it is fantastic my work values these types of collaborations.  The lessons for impressionable teens are priceless.

Hope your Thursday is illness free and wonderful.  –Jennifer


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