Thursday Thoughts combined with treats.


 My thoughts today are as follows:

1.  Everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about…always be kind when possible.

2.  If someone is kind enough to share a battle or two, truly listen to them, offer solutions only if that is what they want from you. If in doubt ask.

3.  Set boundaries with others.  If you are not emotionally strong enough to listen without dumping your baggage maybe the situation calls for another friend to handle this one.  Although sometimes it is good to share and not feel so alone. Sometimes you can not listen, they can find someone else.  For people that have a crisis every five minutes, you need to let them know your time matters too.

4.  Marriage matters.  No matter how busy we get, we have to continue to actively work on our marriage.  The stressed out, angry times is when communication matters the most.  Do you have romance?  A date night is calling my name.

5.  If you love adventure, set some excitement up or begin to work towards your goals.  Becoming a tour group leader has opened the door for me to pursue international travel on a very tight budget.  Where there is a will there is a way.

I am going to partner with Jen today and add this link to her site Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  Love her blog and she dedicates a lot of time and love to subscription box review.

 *If you continue to read please know there is a picture of this months Escape Box up ahead.

  Today is going to be a long day for me since it is Back to School Night and I am meeting with parents who are trusting me to take their kids to China this Spring Break (secretly beyond excited).  It is nice to know that I will have Ivy Kids and Escape Monthly at the house tonight when I get home.  I love treats of the boxed kind.  The Escape Box is especially welcome since I am going to Paris in November for a business venture but get to tour the whole time I am there.  

Here is a picture of what I believe is going to be included in my Paris box.

Escape Monthly August 2014 Paris


     Yesterday I provided a pic of the Ivy Kit I am receiving.  I am getting “Jump Frog Jump” instead of the September kit.  When I get home tonight I will be able to read with my little one and do some of the activities.  I am pulling a 12 hour today and when I get home I will have education activities ready to go that the little ones absolutely adore.  No shopping and no fuss.  I fuss all day, especially on Thursdays because I begin my day with faculty meetings.  Even my lunch on Thursdays is devoted to eat with students.  It is non stop all day long.     


Yours on this very hectic Thursday,







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