High School Drama

     There is just something about Wednesdays.  Half way through the work week but starting to wish it was already over, especially considering that this is a three day weekend.

     As i sit here waiting for the school day to begin, I reflect on the craziness that is a Wednesday at a high school.  If you would have asked me what the worst time period in my life was, I would horrifically recall my high school years.  The idea that I would ever become a high school history teacher would have been incomprehensible; yet here I am and I love it.  Today is current event day for many of my government classes and it always fascinates me how young minds process the going ons of the world.  How they prescribe meaning and understanding to what is often random and unfathomable. My hope is to make them culturally competent and aware.  Willing to participate in this crazy thing we call American government without getting too jaded; all while practicing a level of civil discourse that is rarely seen today.

     I practiced law and was a Law Guardian in New York for many years.  I represented kids on a daily basis but felt like I was leaving no impact in their lives.  There is a part of me that just wants to make this world a better place and I did not feel like being a lawyer was the way to do this, but I believe teaching impacts so many and fulfills that inherent need. My students are also my kids and I hope every day for the very best for all of them. 

When Wednesdays come around I like to reflect on what I am thankful for and staying true to this blog I am throwing in a few of my favorite “working mommy” things.  My husband says I need to include working dads and I think he is right 🙂  And a quick disclaimer:  I do not get paid for any of my blogs, I purchase all of my boxes (most with coupons) so you are getting a real review of different products and subscriptions without bias.  What I share is what I have found helpful since I have such a busy schedule. 

So for today:

I am grateful that I have a job on this Wacky Wednesday, even though I would have loved to sleep in.

I am beyond grateful for coffee.

My kids, all seven are healthy and genuinely seem happy.

My husband is getting ready to start a new job and it seems like it will be a good experience.

I am excited because Baileigh is getting her Ivy Kids box tomorrow (hopefully) and my husband and I are getting our Escape Monthly Paris box after a bit of a delay. I am also trying out a new subscription (for free 🙂 called Rocks box.  Glossy box and Love with Food are scheduled to appear but I have no idea for sure when.  Some subscriptions are more predictable with date than others.

Baileigh is getting the Jump Frog Jump kit this week.  Ivy Kids has wonderful costumer service.  I asked for an older kit because it had less parts than the September kit and they said no problem 🙂  To subscribe or purchase their kits click here:  http://ivy-kids.com/products/ivy-kids-kit-jump-frog-jump

I picked out B and A’s Halloween costumes but could not convince my 14 year old to be a big tornado to round off our Wizard of Oz theme.  He thought I was wacky 😉

I was able to kiss my one year old goodbye this morning and watch him with his older brother laughing and giggling.

The Bijoux box September spoiler is actually growing on me and I will be receiving this months box. Their Add on sale began yesterday. 

The Dr. Brandt Pores No More that I received in my Ipsy bag this month is AMAZING!  Ipsy is only $10.00 a month.  When I asked my daughter (22) to choose what subscription box she would like for the year, this bag was her choice.  I couldn’t be happier with the price.  To subscribe click here:  http://www.ipsy.com/r/lacm?sid=ipsypoints&cid=general

I am grateful I have a gym membership but I need to find time to go use it.

I have enjoyed watching adult television for the first time in many weeks.  Especially fulfilling my need for the dark and spooky as Halloween is around the corner with the Witches of East End and Hemlock Grove.

Yours on this crazy day.  -J


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