Learning to talk with ABC Mouse

—My three year old is a bit of a diva.  With five older siblings she barely speaks and everyone does things for her…she is pretty cute and has these puppy dog eyes that just make you melt.  Anyways I have been very concerned about her verbal skills.  She missed the pre-school deadline this year by 24 days but, we have been considering home school.  My husband is getting ready to go back to college (we had to postpone until January) and he is working close to 30 hours a week.  I cannot quit my teaching job and to be honest I wouldn’t want to, so homeschooling is out of the picture at least for now.  B will have to start pre-school next year and I know I need to make sure she is ready.

—-As I racked my brain this summer on what to do, I kept seeing these commercials for ABC mouse at my mothers’ home in NY.  ABC mouse is an online pre-school and kindergarten curriculum and it is truly amazing. They offer for you to get your first month free and I figured we could give it a shot. If you are interested in trying it out for a month click here: https://www.abcmouse.com/  My aunt had generously given us her Kindle Fire to use while we were there and I figured she could play “school” on the Kindle.  I ran in to one problem, the older generation Kindles do not support ABC mouse, she needed the new generation.  I decided after using ABC mouse with amazing results on the main computer, that I would order a Kindle Fire for my daughter as an early birthday gift.  They were having a $50.00 off back to school sale on Amazon and I did not want to lose that savings.  I was able to get an ABC mouse compatible Kindle Fire and an “indestructible” purple case” for $139.00.  I am a prime member so shipping was free.  I will review this product sometime this week.  We ran in to some security problems and I want other parents to be aware of those issues so they don’t spend three weeks making phone calls.  (all issues have now been resolved and parental controls are set 🙂

      In the past two months my daughter is now speaking in full sentences and all of the songs that she listens to really help her to master sounding out letters.  We sang “B, B, B, Bee” and the “Excellent fifth letter E” for days.  She loves the site and asks to play daily.  She has a pet hamster and cat and her very own fish tank.  She earns prizes for her pets and her own play house when she finishes lessons.  One of the best parts is you can add up to three children on your account and they each have their own page.  My son is almost two and will probably enjoy having his own account in the future.  I know this blog is new and not many people read it yet but, I really wish there was a way to get this information to parents because this site is a life saver.  We are purchasing a full year for $59.00 this week.  You can also pay $8/monthly.


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