The Secret History

     During my teachers’ plan on Fridays, I clean my classroom and listen to audiobooks.  Recently, when they offered a three month subscription for under six dollars (equals one credit/one book a month) to I jumped on the deal. Right now you can get one free book by just trying out their service.  I was getting ready in July to drive with my husband and five kids to New York and wanted to listen to something when I was driving.  I purchased The Fault in their Stars first because several of my students really kept pressuring me to read it.  One of my Speech students won our in-school tournament with a Prose from the book and it definitely intrigued me.  I finished the whole book just driving down to New York and I did enjoy the story.  For the way home I went ahead and purchased The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and I am still listening to it however, I did something I never do when reading a specific author….I purchased a second book by Donna Tartt, The Secret History and totally moved to that audiobook.

     I am in love with every aspect of this book and I am thinking about things in such a different way.  I love paradigm shifts and I especially love books that take me to these new territories.  I also like the idea that I can clean and do some tedious work and yet do something fun and education in tandem. Today, as I listened about Greek Gods, Romans and a bunch of students and a professor that believed that the six of them could take over their small town (for educational discussion only), I was enraptured by the discussions “shatter the accident that is ourselves”.  The words are just so devastatingly wonderful and haunting.  Beauty terrifies us the most and yet it is what we most desire (paraphrasing here). All this beauty in a book that is about two murders.  My giddiness is unspeakable 🙂

      Maybe audiobooks will help break your monotony too?  I try to focus this blog on things that help working mothers.  I know this is personal but entering other worlds is a piece of heaven for me but I know it is very subjective.

      On a different note I received an email from Love with Food this month offering me a free box to try out their subscription.  I love this box because a percentage from each box goes to feed the homeless.  I was lucky enough to snag a code for any of my friends to receive their first month for free.  I am going to attach the link.  I will say do have to put in credit card information but can cancel if you desire before they charge your card for the next box.  Give it a try, do some good and keep the subscription if you like it 🙂

Love With Food - Snack Smart. Do Good.

Click on this link to receive your free box of healthy goodies!

 <a href=””><img alt=”Love With Food – Snack Smart. Do Good.” height=”150″ src=”” title=”Love With Food – Snack Smart. Do Good.” width=”150″ /></a>


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