Back to work and more subscription box reviews (including some adult boxes :)

In my last blog I mentioned some of the subscription boxes I was using to make my transition to work a tad easier. I am going to talk a bit about my kid subscriptions but then share some adult boxes that I am trying for the first time.  I really can’t believe the value on some of the boxes and when you combine your orders with coupons it is a pretty amazing value.

I started work today so last night I went a little crazy and took the kids to Big Splash and then we made the recipes from this months Kidstir crate:  Taco Truck

Photo: Our August lunch themed kits have shipped!  Here’s a sneak peek at our Taco Truck Fun kit. ENJOY!

In all truthfulness, my almost four year old really did not help with much and I found myself really cooking for a good hour and a half. Husband came to the rescue and helped. Despite the work, my husband and I loved the food. The 1 yr old and 3 yr old ate a little of the chicken but mainly wanted the rice pudding. It was interesting to make your own taco seasoning and despite a lack of measurements I think it turned out great. Guacamole is always yummy!!!

I recently received an Escape Monthly (India) and I went ahead and purchased the Paris box (the basic box has sold out but there are still some mini boxes available).  I was not blown away with India but I did learn how to cook some pretty amazing food from India and actually purchased some more Ghee (amazon), Korma Sauce, and Maya Kaimal sauces.  The Korma sauce was surprising yummy when you use the ghee as the chicken cooking base and it is really low sodium and low fat which was a huge plus for our family.

I also just received the July Glossybox and was pleased with its contents albeit I received it on August 11th. I was told that the late delivery is common but worth what you get and I have to agree.  My only real complaint was the smell of the Body Cream (I would not purchase this) and the smell of the Philip B hair detangler.  The detangler smells like apple cider vinegar which is a main ingredient.  Despite the smell it works wonderfully and I would purchase this outside of the box.  I really like the Glamglow but not sure I can justify the price tag on a full sized bottle.

I am using coupons for all of my boxes and then deciding each month what to keep or pause. Last month I was able to use a code on the fourth of July to receive 1 $7.00 Citrus Lane box.  I wanted to make sure my one year old was not left out. I actually was pleasantly surprised with my first box but I paused for this month because I am on a tight budget. I plan on purchasing a year subscription for his birthday in the upcoming months.  I borrowed this image from another blogger to show my box for a 22 month old boy. I received the exact same items except a different flavor of the Plum pouch.  The Aqueduck was perfect for my 3 year old who is potty training, a little early for my son to use.

I have to say, it is nice when you work to once in awhile come home to a surprise and my daughters and I have a ton of fun sharing the make up and skin care samples. I am getting ready to get a Bijoux Box and Ipsy Glam bag for the first time.  I feel like I am getting little gifts in the mail and most of the time the value is wonderful.  I also love the look on my kids faces when they receive their boxes.


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