Super Hero Friday

     Yesterday was interesting, there is a lot going on in my household that mere mortals would find extremely difficult to overcome…but alas I am all powerful and can leap from tall buildings overcoming all obstacles.  If only it were that easy.  R (husband) is getting ready to go back to college and today we are focused on his enrollment. He just had mouth surgery, so hopefully he can click the correct buttons while on prescription pain killers.  Ironically, Ky (18) is starting college and we are preparing to move him in to his dorms.  Jake turns 14 today, Happy Birthday dear one and his new portable basketball goal just arrived on my doorstep and it is very very heavy (super hero strength needed).  R is recovering for teeth surgery so the basketball goal will be remaining on my porch another day or two.   As for me,  I found a wonderful article that I believe would benefit me on so many levels.  Of course, it is easier said then down.  I can handle waking up at an obnoxious hour (maybe), but other than lemon water the rest is going to be rough.  Take a look:

Do you do any of these?


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